Competitive Bidding

There are currently NO competitive bidding opportunities at this time. Please check back.

Competitive Requests for Proposals/Bids (RFP/Bs) are typically released from January through June of any given year. RFP/Bs are published in the Akron Beacon Journal legal notices and posted on this DJFS website and Summit County’s web site at

RFP/B are also posted at PublicPurchase™, the county’s free web-based e-procurement service. Organizations can receive notices of RFP/B opportunities if registered with a specific agency on Public Purchase.

Registration instructions can be found under the Contracting "Instructions and Forms" tab. Please note, BOTH "Register with Public Purchase" and "Register with an Agency" steps listed on Public Purchase registration instructions must be completed in order to receive RFP/B opportunity notices.

Interested parties can respond to RFP/Bs by submitting proposals in the prescribed format and time frame as instructed in RFP/Bs. All proposals and questions must be submitted through the Public Purchase website as directed in RFP/Bs. Hard copies and phone calls will not be accepted.

Proposals meeting the required specifications, as listed in RFP/Bs, are evaluated and contract recommendations are made by DJFS. Proposing entities will be notified of a contract recommendation or denial. Any and all contract offers are contingent upon DJFS funding allocation levels from the State of Ohio and subject to approval by Summit County Board of Control and Summit County Council.