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Call-in application process

Paper applications are no longer required to apply for or renew your cash (TANF), food (SNAP), and medical assistance.

Summit County Department of Job and Family Services has implemented new processes that allow you to apply for or renew your cash, food, and medical assistance over the phone.

Rather than traveling to the agency, customers may now call 1.844.640.OHIO (6446) between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. This is a centralized number for Ohio Benefits.

When prompted, select option 3 (to apply for benefits or to obtain information about assistance programs), enter and confirm your ZIP code, then select your county of residence.

Next, select the program for which you are applying (cash, food, and medical assistance), which will place you in the phone queue to speak with the next available case worker at the Summit County Department of Job and Family Services—don’t worry if you’re applying for more than one program; the case worker will be happy to assist you in applying for the other(s) as well. Also, if the wait time to speak with the next available case worker exceeds five minutes, you’ll be given the option for a call back without losing your place in line.

Additional features
If you call 1.844.640.OHIO (6446) during and outside normal business hours, a new automated system will now provide you with a current summary and status of your benefits and allow you to sign up for text message notifications regarding your benefits.

Did you know?
You can also apply for food (SNAP), cash (TANF), medical assistance, and child care benefits online through the Ohio Benefits Self-Service Portal.

Apply online – Ohio Benefits Self-Service Portal