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Non-emergency Transportation (NET)

What is NET?Individual receiving non-emergency transportation assistance

Non-emergency Transportation (NET) is a statewide program administered by Summit County Department of Job and Family Services (SCDJFS) for Medicaid-eligible residents. NET provides transportation to and from any Medicaid-covered appointments. Authorization for transportation may be in the form of bus passes or curb-to-curb service

Who is eligible for NET?

Summit County residents who receive a Medicaid card.

How do I find out if I am eligible?

Call 330.643.8200 (Select option 1 for non-emergency transportation).

Requests must be made at least five days prior to the scheduled medical appointment. METRO bus service will be the primary mode of transportation unless otherwise indicated. SCDJFS will consider proximity to bus routes and individuals with mobility issues.

What information should I have available when I call?

Customer information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Date and time of medical appointment

Medical Information

  • Doctor’s name
  • Doctor’s full address (including ZIP code) and building, hospital, or suite number
  • Preferred pharmacy
  • Preferred hospital

How do I schedule my ride?

Call METRO Broker Transportation Services at 330.376.5353

A request may be denied or delayed IF

  • Medicaid eligibility is not current; or
  • Verification of medical appointment is not provided when requested by SCDJFS; and/or
  • SCDJFS cannot verify an appointment for the requested date of travel.

After eligibility has been determined and if approved for curb-to-curb transportation, call METRO Broker Transportation Services and one of the providers below will be available
to transport you.

  • METRO Regional Transit Authority
  • United Disability Services
  • CYC Professional Transportation
  • Emmanuel Ventures Limited

Bus passes will be mailed to individuals deemed eligible. Please call 330.643.8200, option 2 with questions or request for a bus pass.

The Non-emergency Transportation (NET) program is administered in accordance with the Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 5101:3-24.

Reference material

NET brochure (PDF)


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